Injectable Treatment For Lines and Wrinkles

wrinkle smoothing treatment is a rejuvenation process that helps make your skin look smoother with the appearance of fewer lines and wrinkles.

Injectable Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles

After having wrinkle smoothing treatment, your skin can look and feel younger than it has in years!  The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in Newtownards has been providing patients in Northern Ireland with this treatment for over 11 years, in a safe relaxing environment.

Hyperactive muscles around the eyes and forehead can cause premature lines and furrows. This can create a tired and anxious appearance. 
A special substance can be injected into the overactive muscles to temporarily weaken them.

This smooths out the lines that have been previously formed and prevents them from becoming worse.

What Is Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment?

Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment is when a group of small simple injections are given to one or all of the three main areas in the upper face.  These areas are the Forehead zone, the Frown zone or the Crow's Feet zone (outsides of the eyes).  The lower face can also be injected but most satisfactory results are seen in the upper face area.

See this video for a demonstration of how wrinkle smoothing injections are given to the frown and forehead areas...

Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment Appointments

Wrinkle smoothing treatment appointments can be provided at The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic on request and we will try and be as flexible and understanding to your daily busy schedule as we can when we book you in.  We try to aim to work around you and can see you in the mornings, lunchtimes, afternoons and evenings.  We also want to help make wrinkle smoothing treatment more affordable and Dr Graham runs a monthly concession clinic too.  This clinic is on a fixed day each month and if you meet the criteria for it then it can really help you fit regular injectable treatments into your budget.  Please ask Dr Graham about this concession clinic.

Maintaining a natural look

It is important to patients not to look suddenly very different and to maintain a 'natural look'.  With the right amount, the face can retain its natural expressive qualities. Injection should be by an experienced and qualified injector who can make sure that the correct amount is injected in precisely the right places.  In this way the desired result with a natural look can be achieved. 

Since 2007, smoothing lines and wrinkles with this treatment is the most common cosmetic procedure.  To create the effect of 'facial rejuvenation', it is necessary to inject it into the muscles of the face where creases form.  The procedure works by temporarily preventing muscles' nerve endings from being stimulated.  It is the continual contraction of these muscles that causes wrinkles to form.  THE RESULT: less muscle tightening prevents wrinkles from showing.

Quick, Straightforward and Safe

The process is very straight forward and quick.  An initial consultation is required to determine if this treatment is suitable for the patient or if other procedures are needed to correct the focus of the patient's concern.  A plan is then given to the patient and a further appointment is made for the treatment to commence.  An appointment is made two weeks after the treatment to review how well the lines have softened. The treatment can last from three to six months.  For longer lasting effect, repeat courses are required after four months.

Wrikle smoothing treatment has been proven to be safe and effective.  Over the past 20 years, it has been evaluated in more that 200 studies.


Risks and Side Effects Associated with Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment

Wrinkle smoothing injections are decribed as feeling 'nippy'.  Afterwards the treated areas might feel tender and appear slightly red and swollen for a short time.  Bruising can be the most common downside although avoiding certain medications and alcohol beforehand may leave you less at risk.  A small amount of people have said they experienced headaches or 'flu-like' symptoms after treatment.

Side effects like heavy brows, drooping eyelids and uneven eyebrows can be minimised when your practitioner is experienced and by following post treatment instructions. 

Keeping doses low also helps keep side effects at bay.  It is important not to get too caught up in achieving a glassy smooth appearance.  High amounts of this treatment can lead to your face appearing 'strange' and obviously treated.  It may also lead to compensation from other facial muscles which can create new wrinkles in a different area in an attempt to make a facial expression that has been prevented by too much of this treatment!

As the skin ages it gets thinner and fat underneath is lost. Lines and wrinkles that have previously been disguised by this treatment may now only be treatable with this and other types of treatments too.