For anti-ageing and skin tone improvement

The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic recommends two medical grade skincare ranges.

Obagi Skincare Systems and Epionce Skincare systems.
Both ranges provide cleansing, preparation, active ingredients, moisturising and protective parts to their care but both in very different ways with their own pathway and approach.
Both ranges are directed towards different types of patients.

Assessment and specific recommendations from our practitioner are advised before either system is started.

Obagi skincare systems tier from basic skincare up to prescription strength treatment for effects of ageing and acne.  It tackles pigmentation, fine lines, poor skin quality and breakouts with strong ingredients for dramatic results.  They aim to treat skin problems down to a cellular level and have a great scientific backing with many impressive clinical trial results.

Products can be ordered by contacting The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic and being assessed by our practitioner.

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Epionce skin care products aim to strengthen the skin's barrier to protect skin cells against damage from the enviroment.  They are made of a range of natural Botanicals and are very forgiving to sensitive skin.  They aim to give damaged skin it's health back and even though they are gentle, they still have fantastic scientific study results for efficacy.

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