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For definition and volume, Lip Fillers from a trained MEDICAL professional.

Everything you should know if you want lip fillers

Even though it seems like everyone is getting lip fillers, do you still have a fear of trying lip enhancement yourself?

What is it that stops you from making that phone call for lip enhancement if you live in the North Down area?

We have many patients from Newtownards, Bangor, Holywood and Belfast that regularly attend our clinic. 

The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic is now providing the newly launched Belotero® Lips Dermal Filler from Merz

These hyaluronic acid fillers come as two different types - Lips Shape and Lips Contour

Each syringe is only half a ml which means that it is more cost efficient for the amount that you need.

A patient's lips would rarely need a full ml of product unless you are defining the lip line too. 

The lip defining product (Belotero® Lips Contour) is very fine and creates a really crisp defined edge and stays where it is placed.  Other thicker products used in the lip line can make the vermillion border look heavy and thick and often the product will drift up into the white lip area ruining the appearance of the mouth.

These products are specifically designed for lip enhancement and also the treatment of perioral lines.  Both products complement each other and deliver safe, effective and natural looking cosmetic results.

A single product is often not versatile enough to deliver the personalized result desired by lip patients.

They help you show off the enhanced version of you and gives our practitioner the creative power to tailor to each individual patient.

Belotero® Lips Shape is intended for lip augmentation and enhancing the upper and lower lip, while Belotero® Lips Contour is designed to define the outline of the lip.

Belotero Lips Contour and Shape Filler

This bespoke lip filler is specifically for more mature lips that need rejuvenation.  Signs of ageing are thinning lips with lines and wrinkles forming within and above the lips.  The results are very subtle and certainly not overdone.  There are two parts to the Filler combo...

-a 'lip liner' half ml syringe that is strong enough to define the lip border and plump away lipstick bleed.

a volumising half ml syringe that 'plumps up the lip body volume' but only to a natural looking level.

There are many things to consider and to know when thinking about this beauty treatment. 

 Some of the most commonly asked questions are below.  

Will my lips look too big?                                          

The product that we use comes in different thicknesses and the size of the lips can be  meticulously controlled.

Will I be able to go out afterwards?

Straight afterwards the lips will be swollen.

For the next three days this will get less so you might be slightly self-conscious of their appearance.
There is a chance you may have slight bruising.

Will it go wrong?  

Our practitioner has been providing this treatment for ten years and is using the latest techniques to help you achieve the appearance you want.

Will my lips be affected permanently?  

No, the product that we use is only temporary and will last around 6 months.  We keep a reversal agent which can immediately dissolve the filler agent if needed.          

What is your product called and what is in it?

All our dermal fillers are Hyaluronic acids.  They are the safest and most reliable filler agents.
We have several different brands such as Teosyal and Belotero but can order in another product which may be preferable to you.
They work by absorbing water and this in turn creates volume within the lips.

What are my lips going to look like?   

They should appear larger than before in the areas where they have been treated.  If your lips are uneven then product is placed in the deficient areas.It can be placed to outline, increase volume, plump out or make lips more prominent.  You can now have confidence to apply some new awesome lip liners and matte lipstick or glosses!

Is it painful?

There are several different ways to control pain depending on your pain threshold.  Numbing cream can be put on the lips to control pain from the injection.  The product also contains a numbing agent.  A special pen injector can be used to reduce the feeling of pain.  A dental injection can be given for even more pain control if requested.  The lips are only slightly tender after treatment.

Is it expensive?

One syringe costs £190 and this can be enough to make a pleasant difference to the appearance of your lips.  If you want further effect then another treatment session can be booked.  It is advisable to wait a few weeks to see the final result before committing to more treatment.

Will they feel different to natural lips?

If done properly they shouldn't feel any different after they have settled.  

Lip Filler Treatment Photo

with Before and After Pictures

We have many patients from Newtownards, Bangor, Holywood and Belfast that regularly attend our clinic.

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