The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic is now providing the newly launched Belotero® Lips Dermal Filler from Merz

Belotero® Lips

These hyaluronic acid fillers come as two different types - Lips Shape and Lips Contour

Each syringe is only half a ml which means that it is more cost efficient for the amount that you need.

A patient's lips would rarely need a full ml of product unless you are defining the lip line too. 

The lip defining product (Belotero® Lips Contour) is very fine and creates a really crisp defined edge and stays where it is placed.  Other thicker products used in the lip line can make the vermillion border look heavy and thick and often the product will drift up into the white lip area ruining the appearance of the mouth.

These products are specifically designed for lip enhancement and also the treatment of perioral lines.  Both products complement each other and deliver safe, effective and natural looking cosmetic results.

A single product is often not versatile enough to deliver the personalized result desired by lip patients.

They help you show off the enhanced version of you and gives our practitioner the creative power to tailor to each individual patient.

Belotero® Lips Shape is intended for lip augmentation and enhancing the upper and lower lip, while Belotero® Lips Contour is designed to define the outline of the lip.