Early Fine Lines


The first time you consider contacting a facial aesthetic clinic may be when you first start noticing your early fine lines.  These might be around your eyes or mouth or elsewhere.  If you have never had any type of facial treatment before, especially dermal fillers, then you may well be apprehensive.  Belotero Soft Dermal Filler is probably one of the most soft fillers on the market for smoothing fine lines and is a good place to start if you are feeling cautious.


Following your consultation and when you are happy to proceed, the treatment session will typically take about thirty minutes. During the session, Belotero® is injected into the specific area using a needle.

Does it hurt?

This tissue integration means Belotero® Soft is suitable for very superficial injection with the confidence of smooth evenness after your treatment. Belotero® is available with an anaesthetic which helps reduce any sensation of pain.

How soon can I return to normal activities?

There is little downtime following a Belotero® treatment, however it is recommended that you should avoid wearing makeup for at least 12 hours after treatment and avoid exposure to heat, UV rays and prolonged exposure to the sun for two weeks after treatment.

How will the area feel after treatment?

Immediately after treatment with Belotero® the area may feel numb due to the lidocaine within the product, this is temporary and will settle after a few minutes/ hours.

The area may feel slightly swollen or ‘fuller’, with possible bruising around the treated area, but again this is only temporary and may be experienced for a day or two after treatment. The treated area should not feel hard.

Please always remember to talk to your aesthetic practitioner about your Belotero® treatment.

Will I notice the difference right away?

Yes, the aesthetic results are immediate.

How long does Belotero® last?

The effect will depend upon the individual and the area treated, but with Belotero Soft,  visible improvements are up to 6 months after a single treatment.

Are there any side effects with Belotero®?

Belotero® products are based on hyaluronic acid, a natural component of the skin. There are however, some injection related reactions which may occur and include slight redness, swelling, itching, bruising and pain at the injection site. The properties of Belotero® allow optimal spreading into your tissue. You may feel some itchiness around the treated area but will be left with even results.

Before treatment, you should inform your aesthetic practitioner if you are taking any medication and if you have any allergies, especially to lidocaine. You should always discuss any side effects and/or post treatment reactions with your practitioner. Don’t be afraid to ask your aesthetic practitioner questions.

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