Crow's Feet

Crow's feet are the lines at the sides of your eyes that crinkle when you smile or laugh.  They are also known as 'smile lines' or 'laughter lines'.

What are they?

Crow's feet are the lines at the sides of your eyes that crinkle when you smile or laugh.  They are also known as 'smile lines' or 'laughter lines'.

What causes them?

They occur as we get older and our skin becomes thinner and less elastic.  Over time, with many years of facial expressions, crow's feet can become so noticeable that they can make people feel that they look older.

Other factors also increase your risk of these wrinkles showing.  It is important that skin is kept well hydrated. This requires a good moisturiser and also a healthy diet and lots of water drinking!

Genetics can play a role.  Some people are more predisposed to having crow's feet.

Smoking will reduce blood supply to the surface of the skin here and this stops nutrients from getting delivered to the skin to keep it healthy.

UV light is said to be the major cause of crow's feet.  It can damage collagen and elastin to make skin more fragile.

How can we treat them?

Skin boosters

If your crow's feet have just started to show then their appearance can be improved by treating the condition of the skin first.  Lots of skin booster vitamins and antioxidants are injected through the tough to pass skin barrier by multiple microinjections. 

Wrinkle smoothing treatment

An experienced injector will decide on the best prescription for your crow's feet.

It is not advised to get wrinkle smoothing treatment here until crow's feet lines are apparent at rest.

Do you only want to reduce your smiling ability very subtly?  Then only a small amount will be injected into the muscles to reduce their constriction.  If crow's feet are really noticeable then a higher dose may be required but may still not fully restrict their appearance and too much dosage can start to cause under the eye and the cheeks to look puffy and swollen.

Dermal filler treatment

If wrinkle smoothing treatment is not creating the desired result then filler placement may also be necessary.

It is important that a soft enough product is used otherwise it will show under the skin.  As this area has very thin skin the only products that I feel can be disguised and have good effect are Belotero Soft and Teosyal RHA1.


Good skin care is necessary.  Use daily moisturisers.  I recommend Obagi's Hydrate moisturiser.

Use daily SPFs all year!  I recommend Obagi's Sunshield.

Good diet and lots of drinking water.

Exercise keeps circulation good to supply the skin with all its nutrients.

Avoid smoking and sunlight exposure.

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