Under Eye Hollows

Tear Troughs

Hollows, Fine Lines, and Dark Circles

The under eye area can reveal your age more than you think!  The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic can treat the under eye area in the following ways to help your skin here look younger.

Light wrinkle smoothing injections to soften the appearance of fines lines.

Deeper Fillers to reduce hollows and darkness under the eyes and to help tighten the skin slightly improving its firmness..

Superficial skin boosting microinjections to improve the condition of the skin and to help fine lines and dark circles.  This works really well if the skin is really dehydrated.

This patient had deep under eye fillers placed to improve the appearance of her under eye hollows.  Note the improvement of the lines under the eyes.  The dark discoloration has also improved and also note that the skin's texture and smoothness has also improved.

The procedure took 15 minutes to provide, only topical anaesthetia was required and was quite painless to experience.

Localized bruising in her cheeks was visible for a week afterwards which was disguised with concealer.

These photos were taken two weeks after treatment.

Dr Beverley Graham from The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic Northern Ireland performs under eye dermal filler injections with both needles and cannulae.

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