Sagging Face


Why does it happen?

Faces can start to sag as they age and lose volume.  This can make the appearance look older.  With age, the fat pads under the skin get smaller and drop downwards and forward.  This happens in the cheek area at the front of the face but also at the side of the face under the cheekbones too.  The skin also becomes less elastic and is unable to stay as tight.  The bone under the skin also resorbs and shrinks so skin sits more loosely over it.

How can we treat it?

At The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic, our practitioner will assess and measure your face.  Often faces are not symmetrical and age differently on each side.  She will then make a treatment plan and tell you what way your skin has aged and how to tighten the sagging.  She can inject hyaluronic acid fillers to reinflate the fat pads to start to support and prop up the face again.  The cheek area is always the first place to start as these fat pads are the first to deplete.  This can help to bring the youthful inverted triangle of the face back again.  Sagging of the nose to mouth folds, mouth to chin folds and jowls can be lifted up with Silhouette Soft suspension threads to reposition these fat pads higher up and outwards again.  Collagen stimulating fillers, muscle relaxing injections and microneedling the skin can help slow down the effects of the ageing process which can lead to sagging too.

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