silhouette soft threads are resorbable threads that lift up the skin

The Gold Standard Thread that lifts and stimulates the skin

As the face ages, skin can start to sag downwards and forwards.  This can create a sad or tired or older appearance.  Nose to mouth hollows can start to deepen as the skin hangs over them and the corners of the mouth can turn downwards as the cheeks begin to drop.  Jowls can become apparent as the fat along the jawline starts to droop down and definition along the jaw is lost.  

A Silhouette Soft Thread Lift is a minimally invasive non surgical procedure to lift the skin back up and out again.  Safe sterile threads with cones are placed under the skin to support, lift and suspend the skin and fat underneath back towards where it used to be.  These threads dissolve after twelve months and whilst present, can stimulate collagen formation to extend the length of effect.

The volume and curves of the face are brought up again to restore the inverted triangle of youth. 

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