Safe, professional, experienced and friendly skin treatments.


Injectables to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Injectable gels to enhance and plump the  lips creating fullness and definition.  Facial fillers to restore lost volume, support sagging skin and contour the face.

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Treat fine lines, replace volume loss, reshape and support sagging skin.


Collagen induction therapy for beautiful looking skin.


Injectable gels to enhance and plump the lips creating fullness and definition.



Treat fine lines, replace volume loss, reshape and support sagging skin.

Medical and Cosmetic Wrinkle Smoothing Treatments in Newtownards

Wrinkle Treatment is made safe and easy with an experienced medical practitioner in relaxing surroundings within a private clinic.  Our trained professional (who has been a registered dentist since 1996 and qualified in providing injectables since 2006) can smooth your skin's lines and wrinkles to help your face have a fresher revived appearance.

Whether you are bothered by one small fine line or are looking for a complete aesthetic facial makeover then as long as you want to take a non surgical approach, The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic will aim to leave you looking refreshed and youthful.  We can help you tackle the signs of ageing and give you advice on how to prevent and combat them.

Our practitioner can also provide medical injectable treatments if you suffer with excessive underarm sweating, jaw pain or heavy tooth grinding.  These treatments can sometimes also reduce the frequency of your migraines.

Lip Enhancement and  Dermal Fillers in Newtownards

Lines, wrinkles and sagging can be improved with Dermal fillers.  Uneven skin texture and tone, the appearance of pores, age spots, dryness and dullness can all be improved with Obagi skincare creams and skin peeling. 

During your assessment, a discussion and facial analysis will take place to decide what your wants and needs are.  Then, depending on where your priorities lie, a treatment plan can be drawn up to work from.  Your skin type, skin thickness and degree of ageing all play a role in determining what type of treatment will be effective and right for you.  Dr Graham can give you more information and discuss the safety and effectiveness of different treatments.

Lip filler treatments require an assessment and treatment planning too.  Dr Graham takes into consideration whether you just want to increase the volume of your lips or if there is a particular correction to your lips that is necessary, then she can tailor your plan and use the appropriate filler gel in one of the several different ways to alter lip shape.  She has experience of using advanced equipment such as cannulae and pen injectors and can provide complete lip anaesthesia if requested.

Dr Graham is a registered member of the General Dental Council and has the experience of providing non surgical facial treatments for 12 years since 2006.  She did her advanced Injectable training in Harley Street, London.